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On a normal day, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm couldn’t possibly be considered to play the same character. One’s British, the other is American, the age gap between the two is huge, and besides both of the actor’s brown, foppish mops, they have very little in common. However, throw in the fact Radcliffe may play the young version of Hamm’s character and the whole scenario becomes a whole lot more believe.

Radcliffe may make a foray into television, appearing in an upcoming British miniseries with Hamm. The series will follow some Russian doctors in the years following World War I. If the two are indeed signed on for the project, the whole Russian factor will make the dichotomy between the American and British accent thing moot, anyway (I’ve never heard Hamm do a British accent, but to catch a sample of Radcliffe attempting an American accent, check out his SNL preview from a few months ago). It will be interesting to see the two try to play the same character at very different stages in life and TV Blend will keep you posted if this idea pans out.

British tabloid The Sun first reported the news, which might make the whole thing a little suspect; however New York Magazine says the report makes sense, given what they have heard of the project. I’m generally in for anything featuring the brightly smiled Hamm, so add in Radcliffe and the project already has me sold.

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