Dating In The Dark Returns To ABC This Summer

Dating in the Dark was one of those bizarre reality shows that I just had to check out this past summer, and I found myself intrigued by the concepts it was exploring. Removing the ability to see what your date looks like changes absolutely everything about the dating and mating process. Now, ABC has renewed it for another six-episode run this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The only thing that bothered me about the initial run was that most of the participants were still rather attractive, which seemed to defeat completely the purpose of seeing if people can get past what's on the outside if they're impressed enough with the inside. We still found plenty of shallow people who fell in love with personalities and rejected based on looks, but I'd love to see a hot person fall for a chud, and stand by their man (or woman) even after seeing them for the chud they are.

The concept was simple enough, dates in the complete and total pitch darkness. I guess, since touching was still allowed, that eliminated the ability to cast the absolutely disgusting. You would feel terrible acne, or other grotesquely obvious physical features, as well as severe obesity. Unfortunately, that would be enough to destroy the experiment, as it would then by the physical feature impacting the decision. Damn, I just countered my own complaint to an extent.