Three episodes! That's what we have left for this season of Dexter, and there's a new killer on the loose, which appears to be the last outside issue meant to drive the show closer to the end of Season 7 and whatever cliffhangers may await. There are certainly other arcs simmering, among them Dexter's relationship with Hannah and his issues with Deb. Those bits of drama have intertwined in recent weeks, and we see a bit more of that in these clips when Dexter interacts with both of the women in his life.

First up, the Phantom strikes again! The new fire-using murderer found his next victims and that brings Miami Metro Homicide together to pick over the crime scene. Of course, Dexter notices the obvious suspect.

How often is it that Dexter's dark passenger causes him to see behavior even the most experienced of homicide detectives don't pick up on? The fireman detective man seems like he belongs at the top of the suspect list due to a few strange moments we've seen in his short time on the show. But maybe that just makes him too obvious? Or maybe there are only three episodes left and the show can't afford to take the long way to revealing the real killer?

In the next clip, Dexter opens up to Hannah and introduces him to his "dark passenger," or the idea of it anyway…

Hannah says she doesn't have a Dark Passenger, but is that really the case? Is there a difference between someone who maybe enjoys killing and does it for practical reasons and someone like Dexter who has trouble controlling the impulse to kill and has to channel it with a code and label it a "dark passenger"? What's most interesting is seeing Dexter talk openly with other people. He's had confidants before, but it seems like he's more willing to really open up to Hannah and let her get a look inside his mind. In return, he's getting honest feedback that may force him to question the things he's convinced himself are true.

In other news, TVLine posted the new key art below, which promotes the season finale and has Deb and Dexter looking ready to face off. Is that a good thing?

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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