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Dexter Season 7 Preview: The Moment Of Truth

Oh, this is good! But before I say another word on the subject of Showtime's Dexter, those who are still not yet caught up with the series but plan to be should stop reading now, as the new teaser Showtime released for Season 7 addresses the fairly huge cliffhanger from the Season 6 finale.

We still have months to wait for Dexter to return. The serial-killer focused drama is set for a September 30th premiere date for its seventh season. In the meantime, Showtime put together this intense forty-second teaser, which focuses on those final moments during Season 6's finale, when Deb witnessed Dexter plunging his knife into Travis, and what it will mean for Deb and Dexter's relationship.

"They say truth brings light. It's the lies that live in darkness. But here we are in the moment of truth. Everything in my life has brought me to this point. It's what I am. It's all I am. I can accept that. But can she?"

She thinks she's in love with him. I say thinks because I'm still not ready to accept the possibility of a Deb/Dexter romance. Whether that's in the cards for them remains to be seen. Maybe now that Deb's seen Dexter unmasked, she'll rethink her feelings for him. While the above teaser doesn't show us anything from Season 7, the emphasis on Deb and Dexter, "the truth" and whether or not Deb will be able to accept Dexter for who, or more fittingly "what" he is. That's one of the things we're all likely very excited to see. The full reaction and the aftermath should be pretty amazing.