"The final season is about a sense of legacy," Michael C. Hall says in the above behind-the-scenes look at Season 8 of Dexter. That seems to go along with the previously released teasers for the series, some of which have serial killer Dexter talking about what he'll leave behind. Of course, talk of legacy indicates that Dexter's days may be numbered… or he thinks they are. It's the final season. As Aimee Garcia says, "Anything goes this season. There's no safe zone. Anyone can die. And anything can happen."

Dexter's relationship with his sister and Deb's attempts to deal with what happened with LaGuerta are also heavily teased in the video, which reveals to us that Season 8 will take place a few months after Deb shot and killed her boss to protect her brother. Unsurprisingly, Deb's not dealing with the guilt so well and Dexter's having a hard time empathizing with her, which seems to have driven a rather large wedge between Dexter and his sister. Is this a situation that can be resolved? Or have we seen the end of Deb and Dexter's friendship?

Meanwhile, C.S. Lee teases the idea of other people finding out about Dexter. There's always the chance of that!

The above video follows the recently released trailer and poster for the series. We've also seen numerous teasers and clips, which give us plenty to go on while we wait for the series' return. Dexter's final season will air Sunday, June 30 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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