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Dexter Season 8, Episode 10 Preview: Goodbye Miami

With just three episodes left of Dexter, it may be safe to say that no one is safe. In fact, the preview for next Sunday night's episode, titled "Good-bye Miami" hints at what could be major devastation. Is the teaser just teasing us? Or is that shot of Dexter clutching a bloody figure after the Oliver Saxon tells Dexter he wants to show him something an indication that something major is coming? And the sight of Saxon presumably sawing into someone, is that a trick?

What about the figure bleeding out on the pavement? Who's that? Judging by the scrape on the elbow in that quick snippet, I'm going to guess that whoever it is was cycling or running and was hit by a car.

Throwing out random theories here, I'm going to say that the person on the ground isn't a main character, and that the person in Saxon's chair and Dexter's arms is Hannah. Maybe that's what we're supposed to guess, but looking at these two clips from the episode, I'm inclined to think Saxon's going to up the ante by taking out Hannah. We'll get to the "why" in a minute. First watch the clips... In this one, we have Hannah and Dexter talking about leaving Miami and heading off to Argentina…

It's such an amazing-wonderful-happy plan that even Hannah can't believe it! Because it's too good to be true. Or from a viewer's perspective, too happy an ending to work. Or maybe that's just my personal perspective. Which is why I'm with Deb on this, and that brings us to the next clip. Deb's reaction to learning her brother is taking off with Hannah…

That's another hole in this Argentina plan. Dexter can't leave Deb unhappy. If he goes, it should be with her blessing and he obviously doesn't have that.

Let's go back to the Hannah/Saxon thing. Dexter says the only thing he needs to do before he leaves is kill Saxon. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Remember once upon a time when he couldn't bring himself to walk away from Trinity? It cost him Rita. Could the same fate await Hannah? The other reason why I think Hannah's destined to end up with her head cut open is because both clips focus on Dexter's plans to leave. Heck, the title is "Goodbye Miami." But there are two episodes left to this series, so we know he's not leaving just yet. Of course, Hannah doesn't need to die to stall Dexter's exit, but I can see that being the Episode 10 cliffhanger and the thing to light a fire under Dexter to go after Saxon, and maybe even to retire afterward, realizing what this "lifestyle" has cost him.

But to be completely honest, I say all of this about Hannah's days being numbered because there's some part of me that's really scared that it's Deb in Dexter's arms in that preview at the top.

We'll find out this Sunday night when Dexter airs at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. Watch the preview for the final three episodes Here.

UPDATE - Due to it being Labor Day weekend, there's no new Dexter on Sunday, September 1. "Goodbye Miami" is scheduled to air Sunday, September 8.

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