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Dexter Preview Reveals What's Ahead In The Last 3 Episodes

The clock is running out on Dexter, and with just three episodes left, Showtime has released an intense new trailer for what's ahead for the series, not only in next Sunday night's episode, but in the two that follow. Read no further if you're not caught up on Dexter through last night's "Make Your Own Kind of Music"!

There are a couple of issues on the line as we head into the final three episodes of this series. The first, is that Dexter plans to run off to Argentina with Hannah. The preview shows Dexter revealing this news to Deb, who reacts first by smiling - I actually thought she was seriously happy for a second - and then pointing out the obvious. Dexter's planning to run off with his son and a wanted fugitive. Huh? Seriously, for all the efforts Dexter has taken to not get caught, it would be kind of ridiculous if he decided to flee the country just to be with a fugitive, and not because he's a fugitive himself. Then again, there's still three episodes to go and it's entirely possible he'll need to go on the run, and this voluntary trip with Hannah will turn into an escape for Dexter.

But I don't see Dexter leaving. I just don't picture a happy ending for this series, and I'm not even sure I'd consider an escape to Argentina as a happy ending if it means having to leave Deb behind. So I'm predicting that Dexter won't actually leave. But what is evident from the preview is that Oliver Saxon will play a key role, and that no one is safe from this guy. I think it's kind of fitting that Saxon be the last big bad on this series. At its core, so much of Dexter has always been about family. Familial relationships have played key roles in just about every major arc in this series, going all the way back to Brian as the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1. Oliver Saxon isn't a blood relation to Dexter, but he is to Dr. Vogel, who considers herself sort of a mother to Dexter. In some dark and weird way, that makes Oliver sort of a brother to Dexter. With that in mind, I can appreciate the man's role in these final episodes.

During last night's episode, after Dexter told Vogel that he was running off with Hannah, and it was later revealed that Oliver was in the house during that conversation, I wondered if Oliver's awareness of Hannah would put her at risk. The preview indicates that she has as much to worry about from Oliver as Deb and Harrison do. And Hannah's own crimes could make her a target for Oliver, who seems to like cutting the brains out of killers. Is Hannah due for a gruesome haircut sometime soon? It's an unsettling mental picture, but as I said, there's only three episodes to go. Anything can happen.

Read our recap for last night's "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" here. Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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