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Episode 8! We're close to the home stretch of final episodes, not only for the season but for the series, and things are certainly starting to heat up. There are a couple of outside factors that could play a fairly huge role in Dexter's life right now. Dr. Vogel is a big one, and then of course, there's Hannah and Zach, both of whom are featured in the above promo.

So it seems Hannah's sticking around, at least for now. And while Dexter appears to be tentatively willing to let her back into his life, Deb is not having it. The preview for next Sunday's episode, titled "Are We There Yet?" indicates that Deb is willing to work with Elway on taking Hannah down, since it seems Dexter's not going to cooperate. The clip below shows a conversation between Deb and Dexter about Hannah's return.

"Are you on top of it, or are you on top of her?"

Good one, Deb. It looks like Dexter has left out one key detail about Hannah's situation - that she took care of her husband herself. Admitting that Hannah's already committed murder is probably not a good idea at this point. But if there's a bounty on Hannah, I'm thinking Elway will go for it. And Deb's participation in that could cause a fresh rift between Dexter and Deb.

Moving on, there's the matter of Cassie's murder. Did Zach do it? Dexter appears to be running under that assumption, but I'm not so sure. We'll get to that theory in a moment. First, the next clip, which shows Dexter stumbling upon what appears to be a kill room, and not one he prepared…

Is that something Zach set up, perhaps an attempt to imitate Dexter's kill room? Zach's reaction to Dexter's arrival in the preview indicates to me that he's not guilty of killing Cassie. Or maybe I'm just looking for further proof that Zach is innocent in this situation, and that Oliver guy is the real killer. He just seems like an obvious suspect, considering what else is the point of the guy otherwise? It seems Dexter hasn't considered that, at least not yet. But what if Zach's kill room set-up is meant for Cassie's actual killer, whoever he may be? Or Zach killed Cassie and he's trying to cover his tracks by blaming someone else. That's also a possibility. We'll have to wait and see how things play out when the episode airs.

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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