Dexter Season 8, Episode 9 Preview: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Things seemed to be going a little too well for Dexter and his friends during last night's episode. We should have anticipated a shocker-ending, and we got one. With just four episodes to go in the series, we're left to wonder how this story's going to wrap up. The preview for next week's episode hints that this is going to be a very Vogel-centered episode. "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" is a song we've heard numerous times during Vogel scenes, including one of the later scenes of last night's "Are We There Yet."

Before we get to the highlights of the preview, I want to address the :45 mark. Dexter appears to be sedating someone. Is that Vogel? The room looks like it could be her home. And check out this screenshot:

Dexter sedating someone

As I'm convinced that Vogel is either the Brain Surgeon or the puppet master behind the brain surgeon, I'm logging that screenshot under things that hint that she's secretly evil.

What else was in the preview? Deb getting her badge back. Deb learning that Zach's dead. A federal marshal and Elway are matching up Hannah's passports (her Hannah passport and her Maggie one). Dexter discovered a droplet of blood. He's planning on killing the messenger," and we saw him stalking someone. Quinn kisses Deb! And then there's the possibly-Vogel sedation scene. We also saw Dexter and Hannah walking up to a house. There's more on that in one of the clips below, but first, this clip shows Deb learning about Zach's death.

Deb mentions that she was thinking of coming back to Miami Metro. The preview shows Deb getting her badge, so we can assume she does go through with it, but it's interesting to see she's remembering that bad stuff happens there. Or maybe bad stuff just happens because her brother's a serial killer and he has been for years. More interesting is Deb's turnaround. She seems to have made her peace with Dexter and with killing LaGuerta, which would allow her to return to the work she once loved doing. Speaking of Deb, what's going on with Quinn? It's seemed like he's gone into his relationship with Jamie half-heartedly, going as far as to move in with her seemingly to spite Batista. And now he's kissing Deb? As much as I liked Deb and Quinn together, I don't love Quinn's actions here. But we'll have to wait and see how the rest of that plays out.

Speaking of people I'm skeptical of, there's Hannah. I admitted to being somewhat won over by her after last night's episode. Mainly, I like the effect she has on Dexter. What I don't like is when she's in need of something and causing problems in Dexter's life. And this clip has me wordied…

A million dollars is a lot of money, but it looks like Dexter's putting himself on the line to help her here, and that could come back to bite him in the end. We'll find out when Dexter airs Sunday at 9 on Showtime.

Kelly West
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