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Showtime gives us yet another look at the upcoming final season of Dexter. Now that we know Dexter's eighth season will officially be its last, we can begin the pre-mourning process while also anticipating what will hopefully be a spectacular conclusion to this long-running serial killer drama. The latest teaser hints at more violence, more conflict, and a little bit of bedroom time.

Following the recently released sneak peek, which not only confirmed that Season 8 is the beginning of the end, but also revealed that Dexter and Deb are on the outs since the intense conclusion of Season 7, comes the above tease, which shows a bit of that convenient-store-confrontation and a few other interesting snippets, including Dexter sitting in bed and looking happy and also a wilting flower. Is that an indication that he's gotten over Hannah? We do know that she'll be back at some point.

Meanwhile, tacking on to the previously teased convenient store scene, we get more glimpses of Deb not looking so stable. There's one moment where she's laughing and her gun is drawn, and then later she's telling Dexter off for the way he can get over things and how she can't because she isn't like him. It seems fairly obvious that the fallout from LaGuerta and everything else Deb's been through since she found out about Dexter will be a big part of this season, or the beginning of it, anyway. We also have guest appearances by Bethany Joy Lenz, Darri Ingolfsson, Sean Patrick Flanery and Charlotte Rampling to look forward to.

Dexter Season 8 premieres Sunday, June 10 at 9/8c on Showtime.