Dexter's losing control, and the only thing he knows for sure is that it isn't going to be pretty. I wouldn't presume to speak for all Dexter fans, but I doubt I'm alone in saying, I don't care if it's not pretty, I just want it to be good! In addition to using blood spatter to - quite literally - paint an unpretty picture of our anti-hero's face, the above teaser also reminds us that Dexter will return for its eighth - and possibly final - season in a matter of months. Are you ready for it?

The latest teaser follows up on the previously released video, which lists off the names of the dearly departed, some of whom were friends of Dexter, and some who were foes. At least a few were both at some point or another. While the teasers don't give us much to go on as far as what's ahead for Showtime's serial killer drama, casting news does offer some clues, like a plot involving Dexter's neighbor and the guy she's seeing. And it also looks like we'll be seeing more of Aimee Garcia, who plays Harrison's nanny (and Batista's sis) in the series.

We also have Sean Patrick Flannery to look forward to. He'll play an ex-cop who works as a private investigator. And Charlotte Rampling will play a formidable neuro-psychiatrist who assists the law in profiling criminals. Those are just some of the pieces of the Season 8 puzzle, but I'm not sure there's quite enough revealed to get a better idea of the "full picture." That's ok though. June 30 isn't that far away, but it's just far enough that we might not expect to see more substantial teasers until much closer to the premiere.

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