Alright, Dexter fans. There’s just one episode left for Season 5 and we have a couple of clips from it to share with you. Neither are all that spoilery but they will give you something to think about while you count down the remaining days until Sunday!

How’s it all going to end? These videos don’t help solve any riddles, there. If anything, watching them has made me more anxious to see the finale. Still, consider yourselves mildly spoiler warned. If you do watch, share your theories in the comment section below!

Wow, talk about the worst timing ever! Ok, that’s not true. There are certainly worse moments in Dexter’s life that his family could have interrupted. Still, I’m guessing he was at some point in the process of trying to figure out where Chase took Lumen when they showed up.

As frustrating as it is to see Dexter interrupted during such a stressful time, I love that Astor seems to have done a complete 180 with Dexter and I’m going to choose to believe that her enthusiasm to be with Dexter for the summer is because she genuinely misses him and not for some ulterior motive. Her toned down make-up and dress suggests she’s turned over a new leaf since her talk with Dexter in the car a couple of episodes back.

Is there a law about driving while talking on a cell phone in Florida because if so, Dexter and Jordan Chase are both breaking it. Oh, that, and they’re both murderers. In all seriousness, what can we get from this clip? On one hand, I think maybe it doesn’t bode well for Chase as a villain to be rubbing Lumen’s death in Dexter’s face when she’s not actually dead yet. Villains who monologue tend to have their plans backfire. Isn’t that the rule? On the other hand, Dexter coming to believe he’s cursed when it comes to women could make for an interesting bit of character development. If Lumen should die, will Dexter be able to handle it? Or will he shut down emotionally (or at the very least, romantically) and give up romantic relationships?

At this point, I’m thinking maybe it’s realistic to theorize a little bit of both of the above mentioned potential outcomes. Jordan Chase has to get what’s coming to him, so let the backfiring commence, but that doesn’t mean Lumen won’t meet her demise as well.

Dexter airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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