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There are just two episodes left and then it's all over for Dexter, for better or worse. Who will make it out of this series alive? Last night's episode eliminated one name from that list, and the preview above teases danger for other characters, thanks in large part to the presence of Oliver Saxon.

Looking at Showtime's newest look-ahead at the final episodes of Dexter's last season, it seems like it's going to come down to a choice for Dexter, as he prepares to leave Miami with Hannah. Saxon tells him he has a lot more to lose than he (Saxon) does. "I'll give you a choice, go on with your life or come after me." Will Dexter try to have his cake and eat it too? He made that mistake a few seasons back when he chose to pursue Trinity. If he had walked away from that situation, Rita might not have died. Will he make the same choice this time around? Can he leave Miami behind knowing Saxon is there and might target Deb or someone else he cares about? These are the questions left unanswered as we look ahead at what's left of the series.

Elway is another wildcard in this equation. He's working with the Marshal to collect a bounty on Hannah, but it's evident that he's feeling burned by Deb, who didn't reciprocate his feelings for her and didn't exactly handle it as sensitively as she probably should have. No one said sensitivity was one of Deb's strengths, but it seems like there might be some backlash to how her employment with Elway ended. We saw him in the above preview, which confirms my suspicions that we hadn't seen the last of him, and I'm thinking it's probably at least a little bit personal.

There's also a glimpse of what might be a heated exchange between Quinn and Batista, but what I think we're really seeing here is Batista holding Quinn back while he gets mad at someone - but who?

Quinn and Batista

And it also looks like something's going to go down at a hospital and an airport.

Dexter and Elway

The airport part seems obvious, as Dexter and Hannah plan to leave the country, but what's going on at the hospital? We see Dexter attacking Elway in one scene, and the final scene in the preview has Dexter looking enraged as he walks past medical equipment. Then he's told to "drop it." Dexter stops

"It's all my fault."

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on Showtime. Check out our breakdown of "Goodbye Miami" here.

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