Sal Price
Sal Price is a writer who wrote a book about Randall and is now trying to update it with the new evidence, and write a follow-up that accuses Hannah of more involvement in Randall's crimes than was previously suspected. Price has all sorts of records on Hannah - records Dexter stole to help build his own case against her. And he might have a thing for Deb. Or he's just trying to get the inside track on the investigation and is using Deb. Possibly both. Either way, when he presented Deb with his evidence and theories, she was very interested. And she probably wasn't happy to learn that Price's blood guy came up with a different conclusion than Dexter did. Add that to the list reasons she has to distrust him. We should probably expect another irritated conversation between Dexter and Deb about his findings and him covering things up for his own interests.

As mentioned earlier, Lumen's name came up during tonight's episode. LaGuerta's still snooping around and has now turned her attention to missing murder suspects, Jordan Chase among them. Remember in Season 5 when Dexter dealt with his grief over losing Rita by befriending Lumen (Julia Stiles), a woman who was brutally raped and beaten by a group of people, including Jonny Lee Miller's Jordan Chase? Well, that came up in conversation between Deb and Dexter when Deb made the connection between Dexter and Chase's murder, and then the connection between the unknown accomplice and Dexter's tenant Lumen.

Deb jumped to the wrong conclusion about Lumen, thinking Dexter and she were running around on some sexy murder spree. Dexter told her it wasn't like that and it was true. His romance with Lumen was brief and emotional and not at all fun in the bloody sun. (Lila would probably fit that bill a bit better.) Deb was concerned that LaGuerta might track Lumen down, but Dexter seems confident that won't happen and that Lumen wouldn't talk regardless.

Everything else
Quinn gave the bribe money back to George after Nadia warned him that taking it was a bad idea. Then George convinced Quinn to play ball or else they would hurt Nadia. Quinn can't get in touch with Nadia, but he did steal the evidence against Isaak, which means this slam-dunk case against him may not be so slam dunk after all.

People keep calling Quinn "Joey," which is just weird.

Isaak's getting restless in prison, but his name and organization hold some weight so he hasn't been beaten to death yet. Now that Quinn has the evidence, he may be out soon.

Batista's thinking about retiring and buying a restaurant. I hope he does. I love his character, but nothing good ever happens to him. He deserves a retirement and a better life.

Jamie mentioned not having heard from Louis since she broke up with him. that led her to make a comment about dating prostitutes being icky. Of course, Batista acted all grossed out by it too, but if we remember Season 3, we know he's not entirely against the idea of spending some time with a working woman.

And that about covers it. The big twist of the episode was Hannah and Dexter's sexy moment. It'll be interesting to see how that picks up next week. Now she knows he kills bad people. But where do they go from there?

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