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Did Grey's Anatomy Just Destroy Its Best Couple? Here's What The Actor Says

This article contains tons of spoilers for the Grey’s Anatomy two-hour special consisting of Episode 18 and Episode 19. Stop reading if you want to catch up un-spoiled.

Grey’s Anatomy is prolific at delivering shocks to the audience week after week, and this episode was no different. Ben made a major, huge, epically bad decision tonight when he made up his mind to give an emergency C-section to an expectant patient in a hallway. Unfortunately, the patient and her baby die shortly after, and Ben had to be smacked with a six-month suspension by an advisory committee assembled by his own wife, Miranda. After hearing about his punishment, he goes to Miranda to try to get them to reconsider the decision. And, that’s when he finds out that Miranda actually wanted to fire him for the giant error in judgment that left a woman and her baby dead. Ben’s portrayer, Jason George, thinks that Miranda’s words will leave the couple scarred on both ends.

It goes to a core piece of their relationship. [Ben is thinking,] ‘I get that there's a separation between work and home, but you're supposed to have my back. You're my wife. If these other doctors are saying, 'Suspend him,' and you go straight to fire, and they have to talk you off the ledge of firing your own husband, that's you holding me to a different standard than everyone else.’ It's going to push their relationship to a breaking point that we've never seen. This takes it to a whole other level. When she tells him that she's the one that would have fired him, there's a bit of snap you can hear in the back of the room.

Jason George spoke to about the episodes, and gave the site his thoughts on his character’s feelings after the revelation that Miranda wanted him totally gone from the staff of Seattle Grace Mercy West. When he begs Miranda to go back to the committee and plead his case, she notes that she doesn’t want to talk about it because of the “church and state” separate nature of their home and work lives. But, Ben doesn’t see it that way in this instance. He feels like his wife should be backing him up in this tense time, not actively working to hold him down.

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This event has marked the beginnings of a very prominent schism between Ben and Bailey. So, the question now is, will they be able to get beyond Ben’s hurt feelings and Miranda’s dislike for what he did in that hallway? Grey’s Anatomy is good at many things, and having couples break up over super dramatic shit is one of those things. All we can really hope for is that one of the best couples Seattle Grace Mercy West has ever seen can make amends and continue to live happily ever after. For a little while longer, at least.

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