It’s not often I side with squeamish protesters over something they’ve deemed amoral, but this whole Michael Jackson autopsy reenactment thing on Discovery left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The network had planned to run a reenactment of the medical proceedings, but after an advertisement depicted a body with a sheet over it extending Michael’s signature glove, the executors of the Jackson estate, as well as over nine thousand fans, signed protests asking Discovery not to air the special.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, those angry voices have been heard, and Discovery has officially shelved the program set to air in the United Kingdom in less than two weeks. Ordinarily, these sorts of things involve the court system, but the truth is Discovery didn’t do anything wrong, at least legally. They’re well within their rights to exploit Michael Jackson’s death, but sometimes it’s better to just let things go, even if there’s money to be made.

While stopping short of decreeing they will never air the autopsy, Discovery has postponed it indefinitely, meaning they have no plans on showing it anytime in the near future. That’s probably for the best.

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