Doctor Who fans were given a treat this Christmas with this season's Christmas special "The Snowmen". If you haven't seen it yet but plan to, stop reading now as this article contains spoilers! We knew that "The Snowmen" would introduce the Doctor's new companion, and that Clara was played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, who appeared in the series earlier this season, presumably as a different character who died in her episode. But the Christmas special ended with a twist when Clara died - again! So it seems this is not just a case of the same actor playing two different roles in a TV show - which does actually happen from time to time (Case in point: Amy Pond) - but rather, an intentional link between these two roles.

The trailer for the second half of Series 7 of Doctor Who teases the mystery of Clara in addition to offering glimpses of the adventures in store for the Doctor as the season progresses.

"Right then, Clara Oswald. Time to find out who you are…"

What's the deal with Clara? It's an interesting mystery and one that got off to an intriguing start with "The Snowmen" (or "Asylum of the Daleks" if we're counting her first appearance earlier this fall). Getting acquainted with Clara and getting to the bottom of her twice-died mystery appears to be part of the focus of the remainder of Season 7. And amidst all of that, based on the trailer there are plenty of adventures, including what appears to be a terrifying airplane-related incident and the appearance of various creatures, including the return of the Cybermen.

BBC America's trailer doesn't mention a premiere date for the return of Doctor Who but we should expect to find it back with new episodes at some point in 2013.

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