Doctor Who Meets Sherlock Video 'Wholock' Is One Shockingly Good Fan Fiction

If you’re a tween somewhere on Tumblr, you’ve probably already seen (and died over) the Sherlock and Doctor Who mash-up video currently sweeping the Internet. But if you’re a normal like some of us purport to be — too busy with the dealings of reality to spend time watching fan-made mash-up videos — allow us to introduce you to Wholock, the shockingly well-done combination of the world’s favorite British television exports. It’s good. So good, in fact, it has managed to do the impossible and convince us that, OK, fine: maybe a crossover episode of the two Steven Moffatt series is terribly necessary. The excitement I felt when Sherlock entered the TARDIS should only be reserved for children at their first encounter with Disney World.

The whole thing is impressive, really. Though there are a few moments (and we feel like a nitpicky dick for doing so) where sight lines and spatial situations are a bit off, the whole thing is really compositionally top-notch. Most fan-made mash-ups are a series of clips and images hastily cut-and-pasted together into a form that somewhat resemble something of an “episode” between the two preternatural geniuses. See that bar way down below there? Yeah, that’s how far it’s been raised, Wholockians. Consider yourself schooled.

Even if you’re not a fan of the two series involved, the video will undeniably impress the shit out of you on imaginative production value alone. Just don’t let that awkward and not-necessarily-unintended sexual tension between the two weird you out: this is still a fan-made Internet video, after all, and people just looooove to play up that sort of thing.

And it's made all the more impressive by the accompanying effects breakdown video — showing you every detail and every edit that uploader John Smith did to create such a visually impressive little bit of magic. When you see how much effort went into making it, you’ll probably feel really terrible that you don’t love your hobbies as much as John Smith clearly loves his hobbies.

Both series are returning to the airwaves in the coming weeks: Doctor Who’s Christmas special will air on BCC America on – you guessed it! — December 25, 2013 and see the regeneration/departure of current Doctor, Matt Smith, and arrival of the Timelord’s next iteration, Peter Capaldi. Sherlock’s third season airs on PBS starting January 19, 2014.