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With their bold decision to bump up Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the 11:35 pm nightly slot, ABC isn't just making a gamble on Kimmel as a viable late-night star, but on the concept of late-night prestige itself. David Letterman and Jay Leno have spent decades duking it out over that spot on CBS and NBC, respectively, and especially with the Conan O'Brien Tonight Show debacle a few years ago, the "late night wars" are still much-discussed in the media.

But how much do these network shows really matter, in an era when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are much more likely to dominate public conversation-- and when Conan O'Brien himself has done perfectly fine over on cable, thank you very much. Jimmy Kimmel has made a great name for himself in 10 years of a late night show, but will a bump up to an earlier hour really make a difference? Is there still enough prestige in the 11:35 pm slot to matter to anyone but advertisers?

Vote in our poll below and let us know if you think it really matters that Jimmy Kimmel will be airing at an earlier hour, or if late night TV is something that's only important to ABC and the advertisers paying for slots. Jimmy Kimmel Live! won't move up to its new slot until January 8, so we have a long time to figure out what exactly that will mean will it happens.

Will you pay more attention to Jimmy Kimmel in his new time slot?

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