Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery Will Guest Star On Family Guy

Michelle Dockery is hopping across the pond for a brief stint on Fox’s most successful Sunday night program. If you are familiar with Fox’s Sunday night lineup, you’ll know the Downton Abbey actress will be playing an animated character, this time on Fox’s Family Guy.

I say "this time" only because Dockery’s Family Guy stint will not be her first time doing voicework. In 2012, the actress actually played the narrator in an episode of American Dad!, which also runs on Fox. According to EW, Dockery’s gig on Family Guy will be a little different in that it will be very brief. The actress will appear in a non sequitur during an episode of the hit animated comedy, where she will play a woman in a British period drama.

While that acting gig won’t be a stretch for the woman who plays the rigid but diplomatic Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey, it should equal more exposure for the British actress in the States. I appreciate that Dockey has been able to sign on for gigs like the Family Guy episode and even films like Anna Karenina while still staying loyal to Downton Abbey, a feat actors like Jessica Brown Findlay and Dan Stevens have not wanted to achieve. We’ll see if any of the Downton cast manages to fully crossover to US projects after the ITV series has ended, and I’m certainly pulling for Dockery.

Family Guy airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Other guest stars this season have included Jessica Biel and Johnny Depp.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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