Last month, we saw a clip from the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, which gave us an indication of where things are for Mary in the wake of last season’s tragedy. It’s at this point that you want to stop reading if you’re still not caught up on Season 3 of Downton Abbey! In addition to showing Mary as she deals with her grief, and Dowager Countess’ efforts to bring her out of it, we also get a glimpse of some more uplifting moments, including some romance for Edith.

With the Season 3 Christmas Special leaving off with a devastating car accident that took Matthew’s life, the series appears to pick up at some point in the future, as Mary continues to grieve the loss of her husband. That clip we mentioned showed Mary referring to her child as an orphan, and Anna reminds her that the baby isn’t an orphan because he has his mother.

The new trailer shows some of that, and then leads into more uplifting moments, which I hope means that the bulk of the season won’t be on Mary’s grief. With that said, viewers need to grieve Matthew’s passing as well, so it seems like the right approach to start the season with Mary in a dark place, if only to emphasize the loss she’s suffered. And then hopefully things pick up from there for her as she moves on and attempts to connect with her baby.

There’s more optimism in the later part of the trailer as we can hear the words “I’m so pleased, seeing the old house at full strength again.” It’s a reminder that Downton Abbey’s about more than just Mary and Matthew. It’s about the Crawley family and their staff. It’ll be exciting to see what stories develop as Season 4 gets going.

The fourth season of Downton Abbey is already underway in the UK. We’ll see it premiere on this side of the pond on PBS Masterpiece on January 5. PBS Masterpiece also has Sherlock set to premiere in January (later in the month), though no UK premiere date has been released just yet. The Sherlock/Downton Abbey Sunday night drama block is one more reason to look forward to the start of Midseason.

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