Downton Abbey has always been a show about lifestyles and change, and the brand new trailer for ITV’s hit series is quick to point this out. Filled with inspiring music and quotes from our favorite characters, the official Downton Abbey Season 5 trailer promises even more romance for Mary, changing family bonds, big dreams for Daisy and a large fire that is certain to change the dynamics in the Grantham household.

Downton Abbey has always been a series that is a little bit out of its own time. It’s a show about a well-groomed estate and about two classes of people striving to preserve tradition and decorum in a world that is continually making more room for a thriving middle class. However, it also a series that is historically grounded, with previous seasons facing the loss of the Titanic and even World War I head-on. That mix is what makes the series special and brings out a lot of the show's signature humor, which is present all over the 1-minute trailer. It’s evident, especially when Mrs. Hughes discusses Downton “catching up with the times we live in,” leaving poor Mr. Carson to grumble, “That is exactly what I am afraid of.” Welcome to 1924, Mr. Carson, welcome.

Still, the notable fire on the trailer gives me a little pause. It’s a little annoying that the trailer spoiled what looks to be a fairly significant event, and it’s also frustrating that Downton Abbey consistently feels like it needs to go above and beyond the household problems and romances to give fans “a big event.” It felt natural when World War I rolled around, but less so for Bates’ prison internment and feels even less so for a fire when electric lights have finally rolled around. Still, I don’t have the exact context for the fire, so let’s just hope it’s a small puzzle within a much larger season.

We have today’s lovely trailer courtesy of ITV, which will be airing Season 5 of Downton Abbey in the UK beginning on September 21. Unfortunately, it will be some time before PBS begins churning out its own content related to the series in the United States. The show isn’t expected to premiere in the US until January 4. If that seems a bit unfair, it is, but it also enables US fans to watch the Christmas special in direct succession to the other episodes, so it’s not all bad news, I guess. While we wait, ITV has plenty of content available for Season 5 of the hit series (excepting that water bottle debacle), and you can check it out while you wait for the show to premiere this winter. Just try not to spoil yourself too much!

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