Drop Dead Diva Could Return To Lifetime For Season 5 After All

There's good news, Drop Dead Diva fans! Well, kind of. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it's looking like Lifetime might be ready to hit the "Return" button on the series and bring it back for a fifth season. Talks are reportedly in the works between Lifetime and Sony TV to iron out the financial details, which would allow the series to follow up on the cliffhanger from the end of Season 4.

Back in January, it was reported that Lifetime had decided not to renew the series for Season 5, due to financial issues. At that time, there was talk of Sony possibly finding another network for the series, but now it looks like it may return to Lifetime after all. Today Deadline reports that Lifetime and Sony have found a deal framework that would allow for Drop Dead Diva to continue airing on the network.

The drama follows an aspiring model who dies in a car accident and manages to get herself sent back from heaven, but there's a catch. She returns in the body of an newly deceased attorney whose life and work she has to assume, while keeping her previous identity a secret from (almost) everyone she used to know, including her boyfriend Grayson, who just so happens to be an attorney who works with Deb's new identity, Jane. The fourth season of the series ended off (spoilers if you're not caught up!) with Jane kissing Grayson moments before her wedding is supposed to start. When her fiancé, Owen, walks in on the situation, he drops dead of a heart attack just as the original occupant of Deb's body (real Jane) manages to get herself sent back (after apparently having witnessed everything Deb-Jane has been doing with her life since she died). Season 4 ended with real-jJane taking over Owen's body. It was a pretty major twist to tack onto the pile of drama, and a harsh way to leave fans hanging. So hopefully talks will turn to confirmation of a revival for the series, even if it's just for one more season to wrap things up.

UPDATE: This is looking a bit more official, as a message on the Drop Dead Diva Facebook Page states the following:

Breaking news Diva fans! Drop Dead Diva will be returning to Lifetime for a 5th season!!! Click like if you're as pumped as we are!


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