Drop Dead Diva Gets Dropped By Lifetime

Drop Dead Diva fans will be disappointed to know that Lifetime as reportedly passed on picking up the drama series for a fifth season. All hope is not lost though as it's also reported that Sony Pictures TV might try to find another home for the series. This news comes just a few months after Drop Dead Diva wrapped up Season 4 with a pretty sizable cliffhanger.

Created by Josh Berman, Drop Dead Diva centers on a sweet but sort of shallow beautiful aspiring model who is killed in a car accident and manages to get herself a second chance at life by returning from heaven and entering the body of an almost-deceased heavyset attorney. Part of the show involves Deb (as Jane) trying to adjust to her very different appearance while also working as an attorney alongside the man she was supposed to marry in her previous life.

Season 4 wrapped up back in September and today Deadline reports that their sources say Lifetime has decided not to order a fifth season of the show. As mentioned, Sony Pictures TV might show it elsewhere.

Spoilers if you aren't caught up through Season 4!

Beyond the disappointing news that the show won't be back for Season 5 - assuming the show isn't rescued by another network - fans will have to go without closure to the series, which left off with the "real" Jane returning from heaven and taking over Deb-Jane's fiancé Owen's body not long after he witnessed Deb-Jane kissing Grayson. Things couldn't possibly be any more complicated for Deb-Jane... short of someone somehow reanimating Deb's original body (unlikely obviously, but wouldn't that be a mess?). So what happens now that old/dead/real-Jane is back? We may never know, unless Sony can find a new home for the series, if not for a final season then maybe for a TV movie or something that could wrap up the story.

Will someone hit the RETURN button and save Drop Dead Diva?

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