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Duck Dynasty has definitely peaked in terms of popularity and some of the folks in the Robertson clan have started looking elsewhere for other work. This week, we learned that Duck Dynasty head Willie Robertson has landed a brand new gig over at Fox News. Reports this week indicate that Robertson has signed on as a special contributor, along with another gig with the network.

The news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, especially if you keep tabs on Fox news. Willie Robertson has actually popped up on the news network on several occasions in the past. In a press release, Fox stated that not only will Robertson continue to appear, he’ll also be launching a podcast for the network, aptly called The Willie Robertson Podcast. That podcast is going to launch on April 4 and is expected to focus on “family and faith,” according to Fox News. Currently, there’s no word on when Willie Robertson will pop up on Fox News next as a contributor.

At one point Duck Dynasty was one of the most popular shows on television and was, hands-down, the most-watched reality series on TV. That all came crumbling down when Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson made some comments to various outlets that turned some viewers off in 2014. When the show returned, it had dropped millions and millions of viewers and those numbers have only fallen in the time since. In fact, recent episodes of Duck Dynasty only reached a little over a million people.

Obviously, reality shows don’t generally last forever (although some, like Survivor or Real World, do manage to last for a long time). If you are a reality property, diversifying your interests can be a good idea, especially if you would like to remain in the public eye. Willie Robertson’s efforts outside of the A&E series are varied. He’s obviously the CEO of Duck Commander, the duck calling company that Duck Dynasty follows. In addition, he’s written a novel called The Duck Commander Family and has appeared on Outdoor Channel in a series called Buck Commander.

He’s not the only member of the Robertson clan who has branched out. Willie’s daughter Sadie Robertson recently appeared on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars. She ended up doing pretty well, landing in second place and just narrowly missing the win that ultimately went to Alfonso Ribeiro. The family has even produced a Christmas album called Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. We'll let you know what other gigs come up for the family in the future. We'll also let you know how much longer Duck Dynasty lasts. The good news for fans? Even when the series inevitably ends, it looks like the clan isn't going anywhere.

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