Eddie Murphy: One Night Only Comedy Special: Watch It Online

The stars came out to celebrate Eddie Murphy's life and career in a special and Spike TV aired Eddie Murphy: One Night Only last night. In case you missed it, there's a highlight reel available to watch right here. And those of you who want the full version can also watch that online as well.

What is there to say about Eddie Murphy? A lot actually, though some prefer to go with a few really great impersonations. There was a little of that during Eddie Murphy: One Night Only. The Hulu show The Morning After put together this highlight montage, which includes a few snippets from the night, including appearances by Adam Sandler, Tracy Morgan and Samuel L. Jackson. Watch that below:

Jamie Foxx nails the Murphy laugh (sort of literally) and Tracy Morgan rocked the memorable red leather outfit. The above video only gives us a sample of what the night had to offer. Other celebrities who appear or perform include Chris Rock, Nick Nolte, Arsenio Hall, Brett Ratner, Charlie Murphy, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Martin Lawrence. Spike TV has the full special online here. Be warned though, it contains some swearing and more of Tracy Morgan in that red outfit. There are also some great snippets of funny moments featuring Murphy over the year and a lot of great stand-up in Murphy's honor. It may make you want to watch everything Murphy's ever done.

Kelly West
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