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Those who are interested in seeing how Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu look side by side as Sherlock Holmes and Watson respectively, some photos of the duo on set of the CBS pilot Elementary have made their way online, which give us a look at both actors in character. Check them out ahead!

Based on these photos, which were posted by Just Jared, in Elementary, Watson comes in the form of a well-dressed, well accessorized Lucy Liu. Meanwhile, Sherlock seems to prefer a wool mid length coat, with a plaid scarf. Plaid scarves seem to be a fad on this project, as the hot dog vender also appears to be wearing one.

You can see the rest of Just Jared’s photos here.

Elementary might seem like an interesting project on paper, but the pilot has sparked irritation from fans of the U.K. series Sherlock, which is also a modern-day take ok Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character. Earlier today, we shared some comments from Sherlock creator Steven Moffet, who expressed some concern over how CBS’ Elementary could affect Sherlock. That may be thinking ahead, as the project is still in the pilot phase, but as the above photos indicate, things are well underway for Elementary.

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