Eliza Dushku Talks About Training For Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

I’m currently at the Sundance Film Festival and while I’m all about the movies right now, I’m always on the lookout for any juicy TV news. After a press conference with the cast and crew of the film Bottle Shock, I had the opportunity to approach Eliza Dushku, who has a role in the film. She was on her way out but was nice enough to answer a couple brief questions about her upcoming small screen project with Joss Whedon, called Dollhouse.

It was announced late last year that Dushku and Whedon were set to team up for the series about a girl named Echo (Dushku), who is “imprinted” with different personalities and skills. She is then sent on assignments and afterwards, her mind is wiped and her memory of whatever the assignment she performed is gone.

Obviously the strike has thrown a wrench in the development of the project but Dushku sounded very enthusiastic about Dollhouse and pleased to be working with Whedon again, whom she referred to as her buddy. She went on to say that they’re just waiting for everyone to start playing nice again so that they can get back to working on it. I asked her if there was a goal premiere date for the series and her response was, “The goal is for people to start playing nice sooner rather than later.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to give me any more information on it than that but then again, when it comes to the strike, everyone’s pretty much in wait-and-see mode at this point.

While the strike has certainly halted development on Dollhouse, Dushku has been hard at work preparing for the series. With regards to training for the role, she said “I definitely realize that my body in motion is my body how I like it. So I’ve been in a lot of motion and getting ready in a lot of ways. So when it comes, it’s going to be explosive.”

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