Ellen Celebrates Her Birthday With Surprise Celebrity Guests

If you’re a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show as the comedian turned talk show host is set for a few surprises guests who show up to celebrate her birthday.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, January 26th) is Ellen’s birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with a cake and some celebrity guests? We’re told that Ellen was unaware of who exactly would be showing up to celebrate her birth on the episode that airs tomorrow. If you want to be surprised too, here’s where you stop reading and head off to check your local listings to see what time and channel the episode will air.

The episode will kick off with a very pregnant Pink joining Ellen during her opening monologue. Pink will serenade the birthday girl with a song. Later, Julia Roberts will be making her first appearance on the show and she’ll be bringing a gift for Ellen, which is a nice little role reversal considering it’s usually Ellen giving the gifts on this show. Also set to show up is Colin Farrell (he brings the cake!), Jaden Smith and one of Ellen’s favorite bands, One Eskimo.

Check your local listings to see what time and channel The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs in your area.

Also, Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Kelly West
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