Wanna Feel Old? Former Ellen Guest Sophia Grace Is Pregnant With Her First Baby

Sophia Grace in her "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" music video
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If you’re anything like me, then you still think of the ‘90s as being a mere ten years ago - and not actually two decades and change. This isn’t helped, of course, by the fact that fashion trends of the decade are coming back in style. It’s also pretty shocking when seeing faces from the past’s pop culture aged up and moving on to new stages of life - like ‘90s child star Macaulay Culkin entering midlife. That’s why you might feel pretty old when I tell you that one of Ellen’s mini pop sensations, Sophia Grace, is all grown up and pregnant.

Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin, Rosie McClelland, were first invited to appear on Ellen back in 2011 when they were just 8 and 5 years old, respectively, after a cover they did of a Nicki Minaj song that went viral (and landed them a trip to the Grammys). Their first appearance was a hit due to their witty and endearing stage presence, and they were brought back to the show numerous times after, becoming regulars and receiving with their own segment. 

Now, Sophia Grace is all grown up at the age of 19 with a successful YouTube channel, and she has over three million followers keeping up with her life on a regular basis. Her most recent YouTube video contains a pregnancy announcement, during which she revealed that she is not only going to be a parent but she is pretty far along. In the clip, the Internet celebrity explained why she decided to keep the news hush hush for so long. Here it is in her own words:

I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant. So I am 21 weeks today, and the reason why I left it so long is because I always want to make sure that everything's completely fine and that everything's safe. … I’m a lot of you are going to be very shocked, because it probably was quite unexpected. But I was very shocked when I first found out. I’ve gotten used to it now, and I’m super, super happy about it, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys.

Sophia Grace has posted to her YouTube channel a number of times throughout her pregnancy, and this is the first time fans have been met with the news. So that's probably why mentioned that it may come as a shock to viewers who loyally watch her content. She also says that her videos will be shifting to cover her journey and new stage of life, so it sounds like fans can look forward to seeing baby news and maybe even seeing the little one on the channel and watching the child grow up.

Some celebrities choose to keep their children off of social media, setting that boundary between their career and life in the limelight and maintaining their child’s privacy. Stars like Katherine Schwarzenegger have come up with creative ways to share their children. However, YouTubers tend to be more open to having their children appear on screen, as their lifestyle is more attuned to their fans seeing into their personal matters more frequently. Sophia Grace’s fans do seem thrilled with the news, saying in the comments that they feel as though they’ve watched her grow up on screen and are now witnessing her enter a major, new stage in her life.

The Ellen alum proudly showed off her growing baby bump in the video, standing up and doing a traditional pose typically reserved for those expecting. She’s absolutely glowing, and she also revealed a sonogram of her baby as a way for fans to share in the exciting moment with her. See for yourself in the announcement below:

Times have certainly changed since Ellen fans became familiar with Sophia Grace and her sweet little British accent, as DeGeneres' program has even been replaced by The Kelly Clarkson Show since. It sounds like Sophia Grace is thrilled with the changes in her life though, and she can’t wait to enter into the next chapter of her life as a parent. While fans won’t be seeing her on a primetime TV schedule any time soon, it certainly sounds like her YouTube channel will have plenty of content for her fans. We wish her the best as she continues on this new journey, even if it is make me and probably many others feel our ages.

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