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Ellen DeGeneres has her act together. Besides being an influential name on daytime TV and having a hot wife, she is also behind the career of cute singing twelve year-old Greyson Chance, and has started her own studio based production company, A Very Good Production. Now, alongside Warner Bros. TV, her production company has sold its first project, featuring the talents of DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi.

The as-yet untitled project garnered interest from each of the four big networks, but was eventually nabbed by NBC. According to Deadline, the project will feature de Rossi as one of two dueling sisters, and will be written by Samantha Who? writer Donald Todd. Since producers Todd and DeGeneres have major comedy backgrounds and de Rossi worked with humor in acclaimed shows Arrested Development and Ally McBeal, the multi-camera project looks to have great potential.

Especially in a year ripe in female based comedies I have no interest in tuning in for - Are you There Vodka? looks bad and won’t be released until midseason, advertising for Zooey Deschanel’s pilot New Girl missed the mark, and the mind-numbing, Whitney, received a spot in NBC’s Thursday night comedy block - I’m pretty excited to see two actresses with comedy backgrounds put together a show women might be able to get behind. Now, it’s all about playing the waiting game until DeGeneres’ project gets a title and goes to pilot. She’s given us a wonderful, self-titled show before, if this one’s half as note-worthy, it’ll run a few seasons at minimum.