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Enrique Iglesias is one of the more affable, well-spoken entertainers out there. He's a capable actor and pretty solid off the cuff, as seen when he's filled in on Live With Regis And Kelly, but I'm still very skeptical of the new offer he's supposedly considering. Deadline has it on good authority that the pop star is one of the frontrunners to host Simon Cowell's upcoming X Factor.

Normally, on these types of shows, the more star power the better, but the host is a uniquely important role that requires a certain level of experience and sophistication. There's no second takes once the program moves to live later in the season. American Idol's Ryan Seacrest is still battling weekly camera and outline miscues, and that show's been on the air for ten years. I have full confidence in Enrique's ability to charm nearly anyone, but when it comes to leading a high-budget, fast-paced reality show, I'll be skeptical until I see otherwise.

Fox has been advertising the upcoming X Factor auditions like crazy, but with less than two weeks to go, Cowell needs to get it together and start officially hiring the host and his fellow judges. He's a professional. He'll get it done in time, but with so little time to prep, the program may have a bumpy start.

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