Whatever happened to predictability? Well, it’s still alive and thriving on Full House, where all prophecies of “seeing the worst hairdos that life has to offer” come true in a most magical fashion. I believe Nostradamus himself said, “You got it, dude,” in one of his quatrains.

We’ve put together a list of all the major Full House characters, as ranked by their mostly funky hairstyles. This isn’t so much a best-to-worst classification or vice versa, but rather a championing of the most notable wins and sins that ever graced these characters' heads. I know what you’re thinking: Everyone should be #1. But that just wouldn’t be fair. So grab a pint of your favorite ous cweam and have mercy on the people that follow.

11. Rebecca
For the most part, Rebecca’s hair has always been pretty perfect, which makes me think she had to have been using her own non-Full House stylist to get the job done. Perhaps someone from Wake Up, San Francisco. It was sometimes so immaculate you could easily picture a tiny surfer tubing through it and landing on Jesse’s purse-lipped face. I do wonder if she had to sign a contract with Jesse with the stipulation that her hair stayed gorgeous if marriage was to be an option. But sadly (for everyone but Rebecca), it just wasn't wacky enough to make her a Top 10 contender.

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