The FCC for Dummies

Liberals in Hollywood get on my nerves. They whine, they bitch, and they are out of touch. I’ll save that for another story though. The ultra-conservative FCC leadership is my focus today and frankly, they make me want to tear up my G.O.P membership card.

Just recently, the FCC passed out $4 million in fines. Who got the big fine? Was it Howard Stern? Oh no, it was the show Without a Trace. Are you kidding me? Trace was hit with a $3.6 million fine for a December 2004 episode which featured teen sex parties as part of a story line. Now, this wasn’t a skin-a-max movie so you didn’t see anything but that didn’t stop the FCC. During the same investigation, the FCC absolved Oprah of complaints against her show about teenage sex parties. **** Oprah. She could get away with giving Dr. Phil a hummer on live TV and be applauded by The Christian Coalition.

They aren’t consistent. You can touch a woman’s breast on Will and Grace and not be fined. If it happens on The Surreal Life, you will get fined. How the hell can television executives and show creators know what will be fined if the FCC makes it up as they go on? They don’t care because you don’t care. You allow the FCC to be dictated by the whims of an uptight politico. I could go on and on about the FCC’s inability to remove their collective heads from their asses but you get the point. Oh wait, no you don’t.