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UPDATE: Veitch is now reporting that according to a high-placed source at FOX, 'Drive' has in fact been cancelled.

According to E!’s gossip-lady, Kristin Veitch, the future of the new series ‘Drive’ isn’t looking good. Ok, so the plot is a bit ridiculous but despite that, ‘Drive’ is a lot of fun and was slowly building momentum after it’s fourth episode aired this week. FOX had six episodes produced but it looks as though the last two have been pulled from the schedule.

Veitch has a well connected grapevine and keeps TV fans as up-to-date as possible on the latest TV gossip through her blog at Eonline.com. Today she reported that studio sources at FOX told her, " “I’m hearing it is being pulled from Mondays—we have two remaining episodes that have been produced—waiting to hear if they will air (and where).” Variety reported that despite some positive reviews, the show is getting abysmal ratings, stating “Monday night's "Drive" didn't help matters, coming in fifth place for the hour (1.5/5) and driving "24" to record lows, dropping Fox to fourth for the night.” I’m pretty sure ‘24’ sucking this season had more to do with their low ratings than ‘Drive’ did but that’s neither here nor there.

‘Drive’ centers on a dangerous road-race across the country. A group of seemingly random, mostly strangers are brought together to compete for a huge sum of money.

Despite the awesomeness of Tim Minear (writer/producer) and Nathan Fillion, who plays lead character, Alex Tully in ‘Drive,’ it appears the combination of these two guys might just be TV kryptonite, as ‘Drive’ seems to be headed in the same direction as ‘Firefly.’ Thanks, again FOX.

There has been no word on when or if the final two episodes will air or if the show has been officially cancelled.

Here’s one of the original promos for the series:

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