Continuing with the Fox animated comedy block, Family Guy is also back at Comic-Con for a sneak peek at Season 12 as well as what is sure to be a funny (and probably obscene) panel that features cast members Seth Green, Alex Borstein and Patrick Warburton as well as executive producer Rich Appel. Oh, and apparently there will be a few surprise guests. The Simpsons? No that's later.

1:45 To start the show, Seth MacFarlane makes a quick, pre-recorded apology for not being able to make it this year. He's busy on the set of his comedy western but will never forget about his shows, Family Man and American Dude. That's it for the creator and voice talent, on to a sizzle reel of some footage! Back in a few!

1:55 The footage was pretty funny. The show has never lacked for laughs, if anything, it's the storytelling that usually underwhelms. Sorry. Like I said though, the footage got some big laughs, perhaps none bigger than Chris going out for Halloween as a condom and Quagmire asking what the hell he's supposed to be? A close second might be watching Stewie be transformed into a bunch of other cartoon children. Or the musical duo between Peter and Quagmire. Okay, there were a lot of funny moments.

1:56 Michael Schneider is on hand to moderate and he quickly introduces the behind the scenes talent (Danny Smith and Steve Callaghan in addition to Appel) before bringing out the stars. Green gets the biggest reception being a recent Emmy nominee and all. The discussion starts by discussing a few plot point spoilers, like this season they are going to kill a Griffin and replace them with a new character. Poochie? Is it Chris? Green retorts by saying it's Brian (which may ring too true) before they ask Borstein what she thinks if it's her? She says it better fucking not be. She just had another kid.

2:00 There's also an upcoming episode called 'He's Black!' which is about the return of Cleveland and his family to the neighborhood. Mike Henry (one of those surprise guests) does a few lines in character. As for The Cleveland Show, they aren't sure if its coming back but since it hasn't aired in fifteen months, it's not likely. Other upcoming installments include Peter getting a twin, Peter and Quagmire forming a folk singing duo (which is funny cause they're both voiced by MacFarlane) and another called 'Rimjob," where they put the characters in Grimm's fairy tales. It's an homage, not stealing. Look for Stewie as Little Red Riding Hood.

2:05 There's also an extended discussion about Pop-Tarts before they address the bomb, the The Simpsons crossover coming next year. It's an hour long special and the Family Guy team was honored to be allowed to write those characters into their world. They were given free reign and the amazing voice cast to work with, citing how excited they all were to meet the famous actors who have been doing it for twenty-five years. There was a round of applause when they heard Homer for the first time.

2:10 For some reason, no one can keep track of the Seths cause everyone always congratulates Green whenever another one does anything. Congrats on the Late Night gig! They also just announced a chance for a fan to get a guest voice spot on the upcoming season. Just go to the Family Guy site and audition. Some celeb guests this season include Adam Levine, Jeff Daniels and Bryan Cranston.

2:13 The first question, thankfully not an impression, is for Green and they want to know his influences. He watched a ton of cartoons growing up but makes special mention of Monty Python as well. Is there any improv or do the cast just show up and read the lines? They just show up. Green tries sometimes but they usually tell him to shut up. Borstein and Henry are writers on the show, so they get to make some stuff up. Obviously. Also, the writers all do impressions of the cast when pitching and we hear an awkward Chris from Smith. Green isn't impressed.

2:15 The next guy came all the way from Qatar and wants to know if there's another Middle Eastern themed episode on the way? The cast is super impressed with how far he travelled and Borstein offers to take off her shirt to give him some bang for his buck. They then ask him what is bigger, the Con here or in Qatar? Do they dub them? No, cause everyone who isn't American can speak multiple languages.

2:19 The followup dude isn't treated as nicely by the cast, with Borstein mocking the seventeen year old's slow delivery. They also want to know if he's drunk. There's also the annual movie question and Green says it's already made. But really, there is an idea BUT things are busy, especially with Seth MacFarlane becoming a movie star. Is there anything MacFarlane can't do? Sports.

2:25 The next gentlemen is also a target, since he showed up with a purple bandana, a black trench coat and introduced himself by using all three of his names. Borstein is worried. Henry asks the kid if they're all going to die? His question is about the FCC song, and the answer turns into the cast once again turning to the signer for a gag. How do you sign double penetration? Final question. It's a pretty young kid and, after saying it's his first time at the Con, Borstein says it's really time to take her shirt off. Herbert then shows up to address the young boy. Creepy. His question is what voice is the hardest? Borstein says it's only really hard at the table read when they have to jump characters. Except for MacFarlane, who is a robot.

2:29 The panel ends with Smith doing the 'Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man' advertisement. Green's 'Born To Run."

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