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Who's ready for more Fargo? The FX drama kicked off last Tuesday night, delivering solid ratings in the process. Hopefully word will spread and the series will continue to perform well. FX released a preview for the episodes to come, which give us a vague idea of what to expect as the snowy drama continues to unfold in the town of Bemidji and the surrounding area.

The trailer gives us a look at Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard's Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, two men from Fargo who've arrived in Bemidji to find out what happened to Mr. Hess. That's the guy Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo dispatched of on behalf of Lester Nygaard. And speaking of Martin Freeman's character, we get a glimpse of his bandaged hand as he's being questioned by Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman) and Bill Olson (Bob Odenkirk).


It's an interesting shot, since we know that injury happened when Malvo shot the police chief. Lester's a guy who likes to talk with his hands, as we've seen before, so it's probably a good idea for him to keep that hand out of view. Something tells me Molly would notice. Bill, on the other hand, is apparently convinced a gang of hobos is responsible for the murders, so Lester's probably ok around him.

Meanwhile, Lorne Malvo is clearly up to no good. The preview shows him standing atop a supermarket, reviewing a blackmail letter, dragging some guy along the floor by his necktie, and encountering a very bronzed man.

Finally, we have Colin Hanks' character, Duluth deputy Gus Grimly, who's introduced at the very end of the premiere episode when he stops Malvo on his way through town. Grimly was thrown off by Malvo's threatening nature and decided to let him go -- or to not stop him from driving off, however you want to look at it. The trailer indicates that the situation is weighing on him. We also get a glimpse of his daughter (Joey King), who was introduced in voice only in the first episode.

While the above preview shows off what's coming up in the next few episodes, this preview focuses on Fargo's second episode, "The Rooster Prince, which airs next Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX.

"No, highly irregular is the time I found a human foot in the toaster oven."

I guess "highly irregular" is a relative term.

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