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Back in September, showrunner Kari Lizer was a busy lady, selling two very different projects to two different networks. At the time, it seemed like the New Adventures of Old Christine executive producer had a better deal going for the project she sold to ABC – that deal included a put pilot commitment and ABC was already keen to release details about the project they bought. The female buddy comedy Lizer sold to NBC was being kept a little more under wraps.

As it turns out, however, NBC has picked up Lizer’s untitled comedy (once tentatively called Lady Friends). The storyline will follow Nicole and Jen, a couple of best friends who are really yin and yang to one another. According to THR, Nicole has her act together a bit more than Jen. She is involved in a loving, stable relationship and has a new baby on the way. Jen, on the other hand, has a little more troubled existence. She is frazzled in the ties she makes and is battling a weight gain. Even with Jen's issues, she and Nicole are still support systems for one another.

While Lizer is most known in conjunction with NBC for her tenure as a co-producer on Will & Grace, she did sell a project to NBC last year that would have starred Sarah Paulson had it been optioned. Should her new show have even half the success of the former and not the latter, I’m sure the show will do just fine. It also should help her that NBC, particularly with Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, is excited about comedies featuring bold and funny women, right now.

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