First Look At Once Upon A Time's Captain Hook

Codfish alert! We've known for a while now that a certain Peter Pan villain would me making his way to Storybrooke at some point during the second season of ABC's Once Upon a Time. We now have our first look at Hook! Just not the hook…

We learned back in August that The Rite's Colin O'Donoghue had been cast to play the role of the villainous Captain James Hook in Once Upon a Time's Season 2. His first appearance is just a few weeks away and EW has given us our first look at O'Donoghue in character.

You'll notice there's no hook on this Hook! His right hand is out of view, so we might assume the hook is simply out of frame, but from what EW says, this is Hook before "certain things happen." As the episode is titled "The Crocodile," it's entirely possible Hook will enter the episode with two hands and exit with just one (if the titular crocodile is hungry). Beyond the lack of hook, it's hard to deny that this particular Captain is very attractive (all stubbly and broody with his shirt open…). Could he be someone's love interest? Or will be be set up entirely as a villain?

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. Hook's (first) appearance is set to take place on October 21 and he's been bumped up to a series regular, so we should expect to see quite a bit of him this season!

Kelly West
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