It feels like we’ve been waiting for the Flash/Arrow crossover for ages now, but that’s probably because time is relative and only Barry Allen knows how to make things speed up in just the right way. The first installment, “Flash vs. Arrow,” aired earlier tonight and pit our two main characters not only against a dangerous villain with glowing red eyes, but against each other (with Barry also having glowing red eyes for a while). Eek!

Without further ado, here are the five biggest and best parts of “Flash vs. Arrow.” And though the big bank fight in the beginning didn’t make the list, that was a pretty fun sequence.

The Big Fight
TV often has a tough time making big budget fight scenes look real, especially when dealing with superpowered characters whose rumbling skills outweigh those of the average person. But The Flash has a ton of money backing it, and this was a fight for the ages. The entire episode is basically Flash trying to prove that he is the master of his domain without having the discipline to match his superspeed. And Arrow proves this to him time and again, using his wiles and explosive, tranquilizer-filled weapons to always stay a step ahead of Flash. Of course, Roy G. Bivolo had Flash under his spell, which caused him to react blindly to just about everything, but he still puts Arrow through the wringer before the non-hero teams get there and save Barry from himself. Not quite sure why Flash did the whole “I’m going to run around you for a long time, sometimes while punching and sometimes not” instead of just delivering the most powerful clothesline imaginable, but it was still a good fight.
Barry Allen: Dickhead
It’s so fun to see Barry and Oliver talking to each other, whether they’re in costume or not, because Barry is the constantly gleeful lapdog to Oliver’s grim master. The first training scene, in which Barry gets shot in the back with arrows, was a fun bullying-lite method for proving Barry doesn’t grasp his limitations just yet, but boy was it fun to see him get pissed off and blow up on Oliver later on, after his emotions had been tainted. (“You will never be what I am!”) And it was even more fun to watch him exploding on the sandwich-free Captain Singh. It got a little ugly once Barry got in Joe’s face, but this was still a nice change of pace for the character, who is one of the only rays of goofy sunshine in the dark and dreary world of modern superheroes. Glad to see that Grant Gustin has “douchebaggery” in his bag of acting tricks.
The Flash vs. Eddie
While watching Barry and Oliver get violent with one another was a blast, I got way more enjoyment out of the potential of seeing Eddie getting a fist speed-slammed into his face. It was obvious that once Barry’s rage flared up that he was going to pick a fight with Eddie, whose relationship with Iris is the bane of Barry’s existence. Hilariously, Eddie gets pulled out of a moving vehicle and thrown into the street. Unfortunately, Arrow shows up and puts the kibosh on this would-be massacre. Still, the implications behind it are far-reaching, as Eddie’s assault gives Captain Singh the motivation to approve Eddie’s Anti-Flash task force. It also forces Iris to put an end to her clandestine relationship with the Scarlet Speedster, though I’m sure that will change in later weeks. In any case, the emotions that Barry feels by the end of the episode are completely genuine without glowing red eyes needed.
Team Arrow Meets Team Flash
We already knew how Felicity Smoak got along with Team Flash, which is swimmingly well, by the way. But watching John Diggle’s reactions to Flash’s powers – ponderings of how fast he can use the bathroom – are kind of a series highlight at this point. His interactions with Caitlin and Cisco are also amusing, as when everyone places bets on who will win between Flash and Arrow. But the most important aspect of this combination of super-worlds is that Wells’ inherent distrust of Arrow gets him to half-demand the green hero’s secret identity. Now that everyone is on board with everyone’s alter egos, it’ll be interesting to see where it comes up again in the future. All eyes on Wells, amirite?
Oliver’s Love Child
Just as Oliver is giving Barry a handy lesson on why super-hot, muscular, nice guys like them don’t get the girl – which is the dumbest lesson Oliver delivers tonight – he is interrupted by a girl that he hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Viewers of The Flash who don’t watch Arrow might have been confused, but Arrow fans know her as the girl that Oliver knocked up eight years previous. (One that Oliver’s mother paid off to say she lost the baby and get out of their lives.) She’s ba-a-ack! Though she does keep her word on not confessing that the baby still exists, and is now probably in the second or third grade. (And apparently has someone else taking care of him in the middle of the day.) I can’t see this playing out on The Flash in a major way, but Arrow might be in for a big change.

What was your favorite part of The Flash’s “Flash vs. Arrow?”
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