The Flash Season 1 spoilers ahead!

Captain Cold isn’t the only new bad guy headed for Central City to put its new hero to the test . The Flash is reportedly doing casting for another villain!

Word is, Tony Woodward is set to be introduced into the series early on in the first season.


TVLine posted the update, stating that they’ve learned that Tony Woodward — aka Girder — will be introduced in Episode 6 of the CW series. It sounds like casting is in the works to fill this role.

In the DC Comics, Tony Woodward becomes impervious to almost anything due to acquiring an iron physique after being tossed into a vat of molten steel made up of scraps from S.T.A.R. Labs experiments. His bad attitude and steel body make him prime for super-villainy, and that’s bad news for Barry Allen! But hopefully it’s good news for The Flash, as it could make for some interesting conflict.

It’s a recurring role, and TVLine says the casting call notes that Tony used to bully Barry when they were younger. So it seems these two characters will have some history with one another.

Last month, we learned that The Flash would be going up against Captain Cold, played by Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller. Also added to the series post-pilot is Robbie Amell, who will be playing Ronnie Raymond, known in the DC universe as Firestorm.

In related news to The Flash, CW released this new teaser for the series…

“My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive.”

Is that a nod to the opening of Arrow, which begins “My name is Oliver Queen…”? Regardless, the latest teaser for The Flash does a fine job of reminding us that the Arrow spinoff is on the way. October really can’t get here fast enough, as the autumn month not only brings us the third season of Arrow, but the zippy arrival of Barry Allen & friends!

The new teaser reminds us that Barry Allen was hit by lightning. We hear the words “We watched you die, Barry,” and “Inside, your body could be the map to a whole new world.” Cut to Barry zooming over that taxi and then running down an alley way. Action and lightning ensue, before the Flash logo drops.

The Flash is set to air on Tuesday nights this fall, with a premiere date of October 7.

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