The Flash Just Revealed Zoom's Secret Identity, And Wow

Spoilers for The Flash are below, obviously.

Was I naive to think that The Flash was going to wait until closer to the finale to show the face beneath Zoom's mask? I mean, that's how most shows would go about doing it, as it extends the drama and suspense. But The Flash has made a habit of flipping normal TV tropes, usually with the help of time travel and multiple universes. And so it shouldn't have really shocked me when an episode with one villain's name in the title, "King Shark," would be the one that showed us who the actual big bad really is: Jay Garrick, or at least who we think Jay Garrick is.

That son of a bitch. That dirty, low down son of a...

So what does this all mean? After all, we just watched Zoom "kill Jay" last week, or at it kind of looked that way. Nothing about that moment really felt like it was sincere in everything it was showing viewers, and I'm admittedly still not sure exactly how it happened, but now it's known that Jay has been playing everyone in S.T.A.R. Labs since the very moment he appeared through the breach. Part of me expected him to be the guy beneath that mask, as it did many fans, but I guess I didn't want to let myself believe it for some reason. As if it actually smears the name of the comics' Jay.

the flash

The turd seen above actually laid it all out for viewers weeks ago, when Jay led Caitlin to the park to put her eyes on Hunter Zolomon, under the guise that he was looking for a DNA match to help his "illness." (Are you even really sick, Jay? ARE YOU?) Now, not every single Earth 2 double was the moral opposite of their Earth 1 counterpart, but it happens more often than not. So of course Earth 2's Hunter Zolomon is actually Zoom. Or however that works out. Does this mean that guy's name wasn't really Hunter? I don't know what to believe about anything anymore.

And now the identity of that guy in the mask becomes even more interesting. We got close enough to hear him breathing heavily as Zoom returned and revealed himself, but he didn't seem to be breathing in code or anything. When he tapped out "J-A-Y" to Barry and Jesse, was he was indeed trying to say that Jay was really Zoom? Or was he trying to say that he is actually Jay, while the guy running around claiming to be Jay is someone else, maybe someone Zolomon-ly. We'll still likely be waiting a while to find out that person's identity, as Zoom's story is further developed and explained in the coming weeks.

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