Tonight’s episode of The Flash basically marks the halfway point of Season 2. Much of the first half of the season has revolved around the Earth Two incursions, specifically our new main antagonist Zoom, a mysterious villain desperate to become the fastest man in the multiverse. While he’s already proven to be more powerful than Flash, he wants to make Barry faster so that he’ll have more speed to steal later on. And although Zoom’s creepy voice is provided by Tony Todd, the person underneath that mutated skin is still anonymous, making him seem more monster than man.

With an identity reveal undoubtedly coming in the near future, we’re taking this opportunity to go over who might secretly be Zoom. The Flash is playing more coy with keeping Zoom’s identity secret than they did last year with Eobard Thawne being Reverse-Flash, so whenever the “unmasking” happens, it will definitely be one of the show’s biggest moments. In the meantime, here are our main candidates and the likelihood of them being Zoom.

Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon
In “The Reverse-Flash Returns,” we learned that Jay Garrick’s Earth One counterpart is named Hunter Zolomon. The name didn’t mean anything to casual viewers, but comic book fans caught the reference right away, as Hunter actually is Zoom in the comics. A friend of Wally West’s, Hunter was left paralyzed from the waist down after being caught in one of Grodd’s attacks. When Hunter asked Wally to go back in time to stop the accident, Wally refused for fear of damaging the time stream, so Hunter decided to take matters into his own hands by breaking into the Flash Museum and trying to use the Cosmic Treadmill himself. One standard explosion later, and Hunter’s legs were restored, and he also gained the ability to warp time around him, making it look like he was moving fast.

Ironically, of all the entries on this list, Hunter ranks at the bottom. For one, Zoom came from Earth Two, and from what we know, Hunter has lived his whole life on Earth One. Also, we have no emotional connection to this character. As this point, it seems like the name drop was included as fan service, so if he were to be suddenly revealed as Zoom, it would just feel random. Also, his DNA isn’t mutated like Jay’s is. So unless Hunter somehow plays a crucial role in these next couple of episodes and it’s suddenly revealed that he has powers, it’s doubtful he’s Zoom.

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