The Flash: Zoom Removes His Mask In Intense New Trailer

When it comes to superhero series on The CW, The Flash has to be the most lighthearted. When it comes to supervillains, however, The Flash knows how to do scary. Season 2 supervillain Zoom more than made his mark when he broke Barry Allen’s back, and he’s only gotten more unnerving in the weeks since. His identity has remained a mystery, but the new Flash trailer hints that Barry may be learning the truth sooner rather than later as we see Zoom removing his mask. Gird your loins and check it out!

I’m not 100% sure what a “bejesus” is, but I think I just had mine scared out of me. The possibility of Zoom’s identity coming out as soon as next week, as Barry and Co. try to escape Earth 2, is as exciting as it is unsettling. After all, we’re still months away from what is sure to be the showdown in May. Zoom being at large even with his identity known to the Team Flash would mean nothing good for the good guys. He’s even taking the mask off himself, so he’s still in a position of power.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this trailer was cut together so we’d think that we’d be seeing the man behind the Zoom mask sooner than expected, while it won't be the case at all. But there’s plenty of thrilling material in the promo that guarantees that we have plenty to look forward to even if we don’t learn the truth about Zoom right away.

Barry certainly looks to be having a rough time of it, if his bellowing of “DIE!” over on Earth 2 is any indication, and it seems that he’ll be getting his karmic comeuppance for all of the people that he locked in the pipeline in Season 1 by being locked up himself.

Judging from the shot of Jay Garrick with lightning in his eyes, the former Earth 2 Flash hasn’t taken his last dose of Velocity 7. If the Speedy lookalike is in fact the speedster Jesse Quick that we’ve been waiting to see on the run since her announcement prior to Season 2, we’re going to be watching a lot of superspeed in action in the coming weeks.

Barry looks like he’ll be facing more trouble than what he’ll get solely from Zoom and other speedsters, however. He’s been celebrated as a hero ever since he took up his quest to protect his city; Central City turning on the Flash might be one of the most difficult trials that he’s faced. Hopefully, he won’t try to resolve the problem by calling up Oliver Queen for advice. Somehow, I don’t think that changing his costume slightly and going by “Red Flash” would be enough to save him. Still, Arrow will clearly have a presence on The Flash in the near future, as John Diggle and Lyla Michaels cross over from Star City to hunt down King Shark.

All in all, we should be in for one hell of a ride in the second half of Season 2 as Zoom is ultimately unmasked and other villainous forces are unleashed against Team Flash. There’s no saying when exactly we can expect all of this action to go down – well, except for King Shark’s arrival in Episode 15 - but this promo definitely works as motivation to strap in for what should be an intense rest of the season.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Laura Hurley
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