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The currently wave of superhero TV series, while not always perfect, has been particularly notable for the amount of comic book villains that have tumbled deviously out of the woodwork. The Flash will soon be bringing back one of the speedster’s greatest foes, The Trickster, as well as his copycat, Axel Walker, and it seems as if Mark Hamill’s classic eye-assaulting outfit could be brought back for the hit CW series in some capacity.

Star Candace Patton, who plays Barry’s fantasy woman Iris West, posted the below picture on Instagram, showing her laughing next to a creepy mannequin donning the full Trickster garb.

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It would be admittedly ridiculous to see this colorfully bewildering costume get resurrected for modern audiences, especially considering this show’s characters largely avoid complicated or outlandish get-ups, other than Flash and Reverse-Flash. But it’s definitely a replica of the costume, minus things like arm guards and gloves. There’s no reason for it to be on a smiling-too-big mannequin in an office building instead of behind glass in a museum or something. How many of these outfits can there be out there? Is it Halloween yet?

Hamill will play an aged version of James Jesse in an upcoming episode – he also played the villain for the 1990s series on two occasions – though it isn’t very likely he’ll be wearing anything so gaudy, as he’ll be behind bars. (Not coincidentally with the original TV Flash, John Wesley Shipp, in their first on-screen reunion.) As a lifelong anarchist serving life in jail, Jesse helps Barry out in tracking down Walker, the Trickster copycat, played by Devon Graye. It’s possible that Walker will indeed use this as his anti-dapper apparel as he torments Central City with his deadly gags. (I hope there’s a rubber chicken that gives people salmonella.)

I mean, if Greg Berlanti can bring Gorilla Grodd into TV existence, then this costume can show up in some form. Maybe it’s just hanging in Walker’s closet amid a collection of normal clothes. Maybe he’s dreadful children’s party entertainment before he delves into criminal activities. Or maybe it’s all just a trick on me, and the costume was brought into that office only to serve as a form of inspiration.

We’ll find out when both Tricksters arrive for Episode 17 on March 10. Before all that, tune in to The CW on Tuesday night for The Flash’s next episode, “The Sound and the Fury,” in which Barry takes on the sonically maniacal Pied Piper.