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If there’s one thing The Flash is known for besides his impressive speed, it’s his colorful rogues gallery. Despite Batman and Spider-Man typically being the guys who are thought of as the superheroes with the best villains, The Flash’s bad guys have their own sense of uniqueness, from the reflective Mirror Master to the fiery Heatwave. With The Flash set to take the CW by storm this fall, we’ll be getting many of these villains appearing in live-action for the first time, and now we have our first official images of Flash’s most iconic foe: Captain Cold!


#TheFlash First look at the amazing Wentworth Miller as #CaptainCold -- ! ??????

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Executive producer Geoff Johns shared this photo of Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller as the chilling Captain himself, Leonard Snart. As we’ve seen in previews, The Flash pilot establishes that when the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, it unleashed unknown dimensional energies into our world, giving not just Barry Allen powers, but others as well. This means that many of the enemies Flash fights will have abilities of their own, but that won’t be the case for Cold...for now. In another fine example of adapting a look for television while still staying true to the comics, Cold is rocking his trademark freeze gun and goggles. The gun is a bigger than it is in the comics, but considering what it’s accomplishing, it’s fine that the production team bumped up its size. But wait, there’s more! Johns also posted another image of Cold in action!


#TheFlash Second Look at Wentworth Miller as #CaptainCold + parka!! ????????????

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If that piece of fuzz on his back is part of a hood, then this jacket would be an augmentation of the bright parka he wears in the comics. It’s unclear what’s burning in the background, but considering the destructive power of those guns, Cold is likely to blame. Perhaps he’s pulling off a heist and has to deal with an intervening Flash.

Since his introduction in 1957, Captain Cold has been a persistent enemy of The Flash, both by himself and as the leader of The Rogues. For example, Cold fought the Scarlet Speedster and other heroes with only his cold guns and his wits. During the New 52 however, Cold was able to transfer the gun’s power to himself and gain cryokinesis, but his powers were taken away during the Forever Evil crossover event, and he’s back to using his guns. The show may take a similar approach. Cold could fight Flash with the gun at first and make a few upgrades here and there, eventually gaining superpowers of his own. Regardless, whether it’s with powers or technology, Captain Cold looks like he’ll be a formidable enemy for Central City’s newest protector.

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