This Time-Traveling Superhero May Be Heading To The Flash

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the months of interviews and promotions for The CW's The Flash, it’s that the show has access to a wide variety of characters in the DC Comics library. Whether it’s the villainous Rogues or fellow superhero Firestorm, there will be plenty of opportunities for the show to include unique and unusual characters from across the DC universe...and time is no obstacle! Recently, executive producer Geoff Johns said that an appearance from the future-born Booster Gold could happen.

“There’s no rights issues and quite honestly Andrew and Greg have a great Booster Gold script, and Booster Gold’s a beloved character, so I would say chances are good [he will appear]”

Johns and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg delved into other goodies that we’ll see on The Flash during their interview with MTV, but a possible Booster Gold appearance was by far the most interesting tease. One of the recurring elements in Flash stories has been time travel, whether it was taking a quick jog on the cosmic treadmill or trying to change history in Flashpoint. Including Booster Gold in the series makes a lot of sense, since his whole superhero history is rooted in time travel. A failure in the 25th century, he steals some tech from a superhero museum and travels back to the present to achieve fame and glory though superheroics. Compared to the dutiful Arrow and the moral Flash, a thrill-seeking hero would be a welcome change of pace.

One unique twist they could give to Booster’s story is have Flash be Booster’s inspiration. At some point, Barry will likely travel into the future, and the 25th century could be one of his destinations. After seeing Flash defeat a villain, Michael Jon Carter realizes that he can do more with his life as a superhero and travel back to Barry’s time. Oh sure, he’ll try harder to be famous at first, but over time he’ll learn what it truly means to be a hero. It’s the classic Booster Gold story!

If Booster Gold does show up on The Flash, then that means another superhero will most certainly need to appear as well: Ted Kord, a.k.a. Blue Beetle, Booster’s best friend. Those two are one of the DC universe’s best known duos, and arguably the most hilarious. Kord Industries has appeared several times on Arrow, so Ted definitely exists in the DC CW universe. The Arrow creative team said that they wanted to use Ted in season 3, but DC had other plans for him and were given Ray Palmer instead. Who's to say that those plans don’t involve a certain Scarlet Speedster?

Booster Gold previously appeared in live-action during Smallville, as well as in animated form in Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. There was also plans for a Booster Gold TV series on SyFy several years back from Arrow executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, but the project never came to fruition. However, considering that Berlanti is involved with The Flash, not to mention Johns having previously written Booster Gold in the comics and on Smallville, it’s a guarantee that our favorite time-traveling fame seeker is in good hands.

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