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The Following Series Premiere: Watch The First Episode Here

The Following premiered on Fox last night, introducing us to Kevin Bacon's character, former FBI agent Ryan Hardy, and the creepy serial killer Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy. For those who didn't catch the series premiere, it's now available to watch online in all its creepy, suspenseful glory.

The drama follows an FBI agent who's brought out of retirement to pursue an escaped serial killer who has been developing a following of people willing to help him carry out his sinister plans.

The video below comes via Hulu and may not be viable outside the U.S. Fox also has the episode posted on their website. And those who want to download it can find it available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Certainly not a bad start for Kevin Williamson's new drama. And there are even more thrilling moments ahead in the episodes that follow. You can read our (spoiler-free) review of the first few episodes here. And for those of you who want a preview of what's ahead, find the promo for Season 1 here.