The Following's Warren Kole Is Headed To White Collar For Season 5

Warren Kole showed us his tidy side in USA's short-lived cop series Common Law, and then he took things to a creepy level when he headed over to Fox for his role in the cult drama The Following. Now it looks like the actor is headed back to USA for a spot on White Collar. The USA series stars Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey, a "white collar criminal" who now works with the FBI to help them solve crimes. Kole's set to play a recurring role in the series' fifth season, and from what's being reported, it sounds like his character's taking over the responsibilities of another character. That's as vague as we can be, so read no further if you aren't caught up on Season 4!

The fourth season left off with Neal's handler Peter (Tim DeKay) behind bars, having taken the fall for a crime Neal's estranged father James (Treat Williams) committed. Huff Post reports that Kole will recur as Neal's new handler, Agent David Seigel.

Fans are surely hoping that Peter's imprisonment is only temporary, but with James on the run, it may be a while before Peter's name can be cleared. In the interim, Neal will be working with Seigel, who's described as young, handsome and ambitious. Is that the "I'll do anything to get ahead" kind of ambitious? Or simply motivated. From what I've seen of Kole, he could play it either way, so it should be interesting to see how his character functions with Neal as the fifth season gets going.

In addition to his role as the unsettling Roderick on The Following and his leading role as Wes in Common Law, Kole's recent credits include a role in the short-lived cop drama The Chicago Code, and if you look real closely, you can spot him hard at work on the bridge in The Avengers.

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