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Fox Announces The 32 Remaining X Factor Acts And Who Their Mentors Will Be

If you caught last night’s episode of The X Factor then you know that, not only were the 32 acts remaining in the competition told that they were going through, but Simon, Paula, Nicole and L.A. Reid were also told which of the acts they’ll be working with as the show progresses to the next phase of the competition.

L.A. Reid is set to mentor the guys, while Simon Cowell has the girls. Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger is working with the over-30’s, while Paula Abdul has been tasked to work with the group acts.

?Today, Fox released the names and information on all of the contestants. They’re listed below and sorted by the four judge/mentors. The next episode of The X Factor will have the contestants visiting the judges houses. That airs Wednesday October 12th (with later episodes scheduled for Thursday, 10/13 and Tuesday, 10/18). The first live episode is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, October 25th.


Skyelor Anderson

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Currently Resides: Southaven, MS

Age: 16

Brian Bradley

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Currently Resides: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 15

Marcus Canty

Hometown: Bowie, MD

Currently Resides: Bowie, MD

Age: 20

Tim Cifers

Hometown: Granville County, NC

Currently Resides: Willow Spring, NC

Age: 30

Brennin Hunt

Hometown: Harrah, OK

Currently Resides: Nashville, TN

Age: 26

Phillip Lomax

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Currently Resides: Seattle, WA

Age: 22

Chris Rene

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Currently Resides: Santa Cruz, CA

Age: 28

Nick Voss

Hometown: Hialeah, FL

Currently Resides: Hialeah, FL

Age: 22


Melanie Amaro

Hometown: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Currently Resides: Coral Springs, FL

Age: 19

Simone Battle

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 22

Rachel Crow

Hometown: Longmont, CO

Currently Resides: Burbank, CA

Age: 13

Caitlin Koch

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY

Currently Resides: Orchard Park, NY

Age: 21

Jazzlyn Little

Hometown: Cape Coral, FL

Currently Resides: Cape Coral, FL

Age: 16

Drew Ryniewicz

Hometown: Chino Valley, AZ

Currently Resides: Chino Valley, AZ

Age: 14

Tiah Tolliver

Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Currently Resides: Bremerton, WA

Age: 20

Tora Woloshin

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Currently Resides: Tucson, AZ

Age: 22


LeRoy Bell

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Currently Resides: Edmonds, WA

Age: 60

Tiger Budbill

Hometown: Seattle/White Center, WA

Currently Resides: Bothell, WA

Age: 42

Christa Collins

Hometown: Burlington, IA

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 32

Stacy Francis

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 42

Elaine Gibbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 53

Dexter Haygood

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Currently Resides: Chicago, IL

Age: 49

James Kenney

Hometown: Portland, OR

Currently Resides: West Hollywood, CA

Age: 34

Josh Krajcik

Hometown: Wooster, OH

Currently Resides: Columbus, OH

Age: 30



Liza Forero - Age: 27 - Hometown: Edison, NJ - Resides: Miami, FL

Deveraux Lavinia - Age: 27 - Hometown: Miami, FL

Abighail Mary - Age: 28 - Hometown: Miami, FL - Resides: Pembroke Pines, FL

Aimee Santos - Age: 25 - Hometown: Quebec, Canada Resides: Miramar, FL


Allynn Walker Bey - Age: 23 - Hometown: - Virginia Beach, VA

Jessie Nunn III - Age: 21 - Hometown: - Virginia Beach, VA

Daijreous Poole - Age: 21 - Hometown: - Virginia Beach, VA

Brandon Showell - Age: 21 - Hometown: - Virginia Beach, VA

The Anser

Gray Aydelott - Age: 22 - Hometown: Kaysville, UT - Resides: Orem, UT

Jarrett Burns - Age: 27 - Hometown: Orem, UT

PJ Schwartz - Age: 21 - Hometown: Bountiful, UT

Brewer Boys

Justin Brewer - Age: 17 - Hometown: Temecula, CA

Nathan Brewer - Age: 14 - Hometown: Temecula, CA


Lazaro Chavez - Age: 26 - Hometown: Hialeah, FL

Ahmed Jaime - Age: 26 - Hometown: Miami, FL

Richard Mason - Age: 26 - Hometown: Hialeah, FL


Nick Dean - Age: 15 - Hometown: Rochester, NY

Francesca Duncan - Age: 17 - Hometown: Orange Co., NY - Resides: Brockport, NY

John Lindahl - Age: 14 - Hometown: Travuco Canyon, CA

Emily Michalak - Age: 13 - Hometown: Pine Brook, NJ

Arin Ray - Age: 16 - Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Lauren Ashley Redmond - Age: 17 - Hometown: Houston, TX - Resides: DeSoto, TX

Ellona Santiago - Age: 15 - Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA

Ma’at Bingham Shango - Age: 12 - Hometown: Houston, TX

Austin Percario - Age: 15 - Hometown: Warren, NJ

Emily Wilson - Age: 15 - Hometown: Warren, NJ

Lakoda Rayne

Cari Fletcher - Age: 17 - Hometown: Wall Township, NJ

Dani Knights - Age: 22 - Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Paige Ogle - Age: 18 - Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Hayley Orrantia - Age: 17 - Hometown: Highland Village, TX

Stereo Hogzz

Kregg Gibson - Age: 25 - Hometown: Houston, TX

Jonathan Glenn - Age: 25 - Hometown: Houston, TX

George Jenkins III - Age: 25 - Hometown: Houston, TX

Justin Williams - Age: 25 - Hometown: Houston, TX

Leeland Stephenson - Age: 24 - Hometown: Houston, TX

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